Today In The News: The Return Of Dick Cheney

[A new feature here at Ouch. That’s Hot, “Today In The News” will be my stand-in when I’m feeling stand-offish.  There’s been much to write about, but the real stuff isn’t fit to print and the frivolous flies in the face of the afflicted.  Am I’m taking myself too seriously?  Maybe.  But if I don’t, who will?]

You might think that our Veep would have something better to do this week than hang out with a bunch of Asian chicks.  You might think that with the economic crisis, two wars, and a certain election wrapping up that he’d have his hands full orchestrating the next stage of the vast right-wing conspiracy.  But no, he’s here.  Right here, right now.  In South Dakota.

Not willing to let a little mistake keep him down, Mr. Cheney is here to shoot the state bird:  The Ring-Necked Pheasant.  It’s a tasty dish, imported from China by some nice farmers a hundred years ago.  From the Associated Press:

Vice President Dick Cheney arrived in South Dakota Monday for his annual trip to hunt pheasants.

Air Force Two landed at the Pierre Regional Airport around 10:45 a.m.

Cheney has hunted pheasants in South Dakota each year that he’s been vice president. He’s done his hunting at a private lodge north of Pierre.


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