New Directions

grant wentzel new directions

I’ve been off on a new project, the convergence of three things:

Number Uno:  My most reliable source of blog content — and deepest font of blessedly (self)righteous opinion — is the record review.  However, I know a lot other guys that already do that, and do so better than me.  Some of them even get paid.  Fellas, it’s better left in your professional hands.

Number Dos:  I gotta cut some new chops.  I once had a band that kept me on my musical toes, or at least propped up, consistently.  We aspired to a “monkeys on crack” level of showmanship, which meant knowing the songs so well that you can play while launching off the drum riser and dodging another crushed can of PBR.  Now I play mostly at church.  This is a very fine thing to do, and something I really enjoy.   However, the lazy in me finds a holy host of excuses to fall back on the same fills and sonic variations.  I don’t push myself like I used to, but it is easier on the knees.

Number The Tré:  I love recording.  The blinking beacon of the red record button continues to call, though I have no business getting my sticky fingers anywhere near it.  But like anything, the only way to get better is to practice.  Furthermore, nothing illuminates the flaws in your performance like a nice crispy playback.  You gotta play tight or it will never sound right.  (Unless you want to spend the rest of the day tweaking away via software, but where’s the joy in that?)  Recording forces me to dig in and really listen to what’s going on and what I’m doing wrong.

So here’s the plan:  Instead of stitching my thread-bare opinions to the tails of better-said observations, I’ll be firing up the amps and covering something from whatever I happen to be digging on.   Hopefully, I’ll be learning something in the process.  So strap on the headphones and warm up the hi-fi:  You might enjoy it too!

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