Top Albums: 2011 Edition, Part 1

As a younger man, I flirted with the thought that I might make it as a rock ‘n roll reviewer.  A few school paper write-ups to the contrary, I chased that dream about as realistically as a 5-year hoping to be an astronaut.  While I still kick myself for not pursuing the pen with purpose during those middle years when time was abundant, sleep arbitrary, and the brain constantly buzzed with the shiny newness of all things, I now know that Professional Pop Critic would never have been my beat.

See, I just can’t keep up.  I always think I’ve got a pretty good handle on things until sometime around December 2nd when I first catch a Best Of The Year podcast or three.  And then it dawns on me that I never did get around to hearing all of the recommendations shot my way.  Good stuff too.  Stuff I should like, and probably will in a year or two.   But right now I’m still stuck in the past, living life like it’s 2010.

I know that the Black Keys’ El Camino should be on the top of my list, but to be honest I didn’t really delve into Brothers until a few months back.  I love my lady Feist, but I’ve yet to hear anything but a single or two off the new one.  (Her live set Look At What The Light Did Now has been keeping me content.)

David Bazan’s Strange Negotiations is way up on the must-listen list, but after the gut-punch of his last one, I’m taking my time until I have a few hours to recover from the expected trauma to my little soul. And I’m sure I’ll love all of the new Wild Flag, Deer Tick, Yuck, M83, Girls, and even Ezra Furman.  Just ask me next year, m’kay?

This not to say that I didn’t find some great stuff this year.  So mañana I’ll post a few things that came along, that I might treat to more thoughts more fully when the moment strikes.  Stay tuned!

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