Rock Of Ages

Above is just one slice of “The Timeline”  a rock-n-roll comic floating around the intertubes.  Please view the whole thing here:

Seemed to sum it up pretty well.

(Sum it up?  Summit up?  Climbing somewhere higher?  Is rock going anywhere?  I doubt it, but I’m ok with that. It’s just the folk music of our times, resonance dissipating with distance, sooner or later yelping a high-lonesome final cry, echoing from down in some holler. As ancient as oaks carved with the healed-over scars of young-lover’s initials. Lost off a forgotten path, brambled and disused.  Waiting to be digitally discovered by the robots of NPR 2500, reminding young tots of the importance of endangered Beatles, Leppards, Byrds and Monkees.)

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